13 Feb 1858

Mary Ann

late of Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, widow, died 16 October 1857 at Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.  Proved at Gloucester granted by oaths of Rev. John Henly of 20 Osnaburgh Street, Regents Park, Middlesex, clerk and James Andrews of Cheltenham.  Effects Under £800.  (Will)

30 Aug 1859

George Henry

of Preston, Lyneham, Wiltshire, batchelor, died 9 June 1859 at Preston, Lyneham, Wiltshire.  Granted at the Principal Registry to Edward Henly of Preston, Lyneham, Wiltshire, brother of the deceased.  Effects Under £5000.  (Letters of Administration)

21 Jan 1860


of Stanley, Chippenham, Wiltshire, died 14 October 1860 at Stanley, proved at the Principal Registry by Jacob Fry of Stanley, Wiltshire, yeoman and John Alexander of Chippenham, Wiltshire,  grocer as executors.  Effects Under £3000.  (Will)

1 Nov 1861


of Goatacre, Hilmarton, Wiltshire, yeoman, died 25 September 1861 at Goatacre, proved at the Principal Registry by Executors Martha Henly, spinster, daughter of Goatacre and Robert Henly of Calne, gentleman, brother.  Effects Under £450.  (Will)                                                                                                                  

4 Jun 1862

Hannah Henly

of Preston, Lyneham, Wiltshire, widow, died 11 May 1862 at Lyneham Court Farm, Lyneham, Wiltshire, proved at the Principal Registry by Edward Henly of Lyneham Court Farm, Lyneham, Wiltshire, gent, son and Gabriel Goldney of Chippenham as Executors.  Effects Under £5000.  (Will)

13 Jan 1865


of Box, Wiltshire, died 24 November 1864 at Box, proved at PPR.  Granted to Executors Rev. John Henly of Reading, nephew and Mary Ann Henly, relict.  Effects £25000

31 May 1864


of Calne Marsh, Calne, Wiltshire, cooper, died 26 February 1860 at Calne Marsh.  Granted at the Principal Registry to Ann Henly, widow.  Effects Under £50.  (Letters of Administration)

8 Jun 1867


of Lyneham but late of Calne, Wiltshire, died 9 May 1867 at Calne, spinster, proved at Salisbury.  Granted to Edward Henly of Lyneham and William Bridges of Cowage, Calne, yeoman as executors.  Effects £7000. (Will)

17 Jun 1869


of Siston, Gloucestershire, harness maker, died 18 March 1868 at Siston, proved at Bristol.  Granted to Robert Henly of Warmley, harness maker, son.   Effects £20.  (Will and Letters of Administration)

9 Mar 1872

Thomas Peter

of Heywood Farm, Kington St. Michael, Wiltshire, yeoman, died 9 February 1856 at Heywood Farm.  Former grant made by the Archdeacon of Wilts but unadministered by Rebecca Henly, widow.  Granted to Edward Henley of Frome, Somerset, solicitorís clerk and only son and next of kin.  Effects Under £450.  (Will)

22 Feb 1875


Of Buscot Berkshire, Spinster died 1 January 1875. Admon to Robert Henly of Wootton Bassett, yeoman, brother and one of the next of kin. £100.

13 Apr 1976


Of Calne, gentleman died 13 February 1876. Probate to Robert, Mary and Ann children. £9,000.

24 Jun 1881

Mary Ann

Of Bayswater and Bath widow died 1 June 1881. Probate to Rev. john henly of Ruscombe, Twyford, Berks and others. £22,000.

13 Jun 1884


Of Lyneham Court Farm gentleman died 3 May 1883. Probate to Martha Henly widow relict and Martha Anne Henly spinster daughter. £3557.

10 Sep 1886


Of Vastern, farmer died 11 March 1886. Probate to Harry Matthews of Tockenham, farmer. £454.

21 Nov 1887


Of Calne, spinster died 26 May 1887. Probate to Elizabeth harriet Henly of Calne, spinster, sister. £1945.

2 Mar 1888

Francis White

Formerly of Winterborne, Gloucestershire, late of Calne, died 5 February 1888 in Northampton. Probate to John Bryan henly of grove House, Llanstephan, Carmarthen, gentleman, brother. £5728.

26 Sep 1889


The younger, late of Calne, grocer, died 16 May 1889 at Calne.Probate at Salisbury to Edward Robert Henly solicitor, son. £9603.

6 Jun 1891


Of Fenelon Falls, Ontario, Canada, widow died 17 September 1890. Admon to David John Stokes of Chippenham solicitor, attorney of George Henly the son and one of the next of kin, now residing in Canada. £106.

2 Mar 1894


Of Goatacre, widow died 30 January 1894. Probate to Robert Neate Large and David John Stokes solicitor. £13,167.

23 Feb 1894


Of The Cottage, Clyffe Pypard, farmer died 21 January 1894. Probate to Amy Henly widow. £329.

3 May 1898

Winifred Stiles

Of Calne spinster died 7 April 1898. Probate to John Henly clerk. £4320.

8 Jun 1901

Isabella Sarah

Of Calne, wife of Edward Robert henly, died 6 March 1901. Probate to Emily Frances Lewis, wife of Rev. Thomas Lewis. £440.

30 Dec 1901

John Bryan

Of Duffryn House, East Parade, Carmarthen gentleman died 8 November 1901. Probate to Henry Alban Brown. £20,017.

11 Apr 1901


Of Wick, Bremhill died 3 December 1900 at Crewes Wood, Derry Hill. Admon to Henry Henly labourer. £93.

16 Jan 1903


Of Cliffe Pypard widow died 1 December 1902. Probate to William Henly huntsman. £176.

5 Nov 1904

Elizabeth Harriett

of Calne, Wiltshire, spinster, died 29 September 1904, proved at the Principal Registry, London.  Granted to Samuel Bethell, gent and John Haines, bank manager.  Effects £8815 2s 8d.  (Will)

4 Sep 1905

Edward Robert

of Winnipeg, Canada, died 2 December 1904,  proved at the Principal Registry, London.  Granted with limitations to Ernest Havelock Henly, solicitor.  Effects £5.  (Letters of Administration)

26 Feb 1907

Rev John

of Ruscombe, Twyford, Berkshire, cleric, died 25 January 1907, proved at the Principal Registry, London.  Granted to Mary Jane Henly, widow, Reverend Oliver Partridge Henly, cleric and Lancelot Millner Henly, tutor.  Effects £6898 6s 1d.  (Will)

29 Mar 1909


of High Street, Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire, baker, died 4 March 1909, proved at Sailisbury.  Granted to Tabitha Henley, widow.  Effects £518 12s 8d.  (Will)

17 Nov 1909


of Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire, died 19 July 1904, proved at the Principal Registry, London.  Granted to Henry Chequeur, wheelwright and George James Watts, baker.  Effects £422 17s 6d.  (Will)

14 Mar 1911


of 25 Pippin Road, Calne, Wiltshire, died 24 February 1911, proved at the Principal Registry, London.   Granted to Herbert Stanley Tremblett, compositer.  Effects £310 8s 5d.  (Will)

10 Oct 1912

Ernest Havelock

of Calne, Wiltshire, died 30 June 1912, proved at the Principal Registry, London.  Granted to Alice Mary Ellen Henly, spinster and Frederick Charles Henly, grocer.  Effects £1050 6s 0d.  (Will)

28 Aug 1915

Mary Jane

of 3 Ladbroke Court, Kensington, London, Middlesex, widow, died 16 July 1915, proved at the Principal Registry, London.  Granted to Alice

Henly, spinster and Lancelot Millner Henly, Lieutenant, Army Service Corps.  Effects £894 9s 5d.  (Will)

3 May 1917

Henry Crook

of Truslowe Manor, Avebury, Wiltshire, died 10 January 1917, proved at the Principal Registry, London.  Granted to Emily Mary Henly, widow.  Effects £1378 11s 8d.  (Will)

23 Jan 1920

Joseph Josiah

of  9 Euclid Street, Swindon, Wiltshire, died 23 July 1919, proved at Salisbury.  Granted to Andrew James Henley, innkeeper.  Effects £130 10s 9d.  (Will and Letters of Administration)

10 Dec 1920


of Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire, died 13 August 1919, proved at the Principal Registry, London.  Granted to Ellen Henly, widow and John Charles Henley, Henry Matthews Henley and George Gilbert Hiscocks, farmers.  Effects £2289 5s 11d.  (Will)

21 Apr 1920

Sarah Ann

Of 2 Conduit Road, Ashley Road, Bristol wife of Joseph Henly, died 22 February 1920. Probate to Joseph Henly, retired general dealer. £591.

19 Mar 1921


of Calne, Wiltshire, died 16 February 1921 at 6 Wessington Avenue, Calne, proved at Salisbury.  Granted to James Herbert Blackford, builder and William Henry Park, grocer.  Effects £285 3s 0d.  (Will)

31 May 1921

Frederick Robert

Of 9 Trinity Square, Walcot, Bath, journeyman tailor died 26 Apr 1921. Admon to Louise Henly widow. £218.

17 May 1923


Of 14 Hythe Road Swindon died 5 January 1923. £610.

30 Jan 1925


Of Baynards Ashe, Wootton Bassett died 22 October 1924. Probate to Abraham Henly and George Henry Henly farmers, and Hannah Henly widow. £1200.

13 May 1925


Of 11 North Street Calne died 23 April 1925. Probate to Kate Henly widow and James Henly factory employee. £427.

26 Apr 1926


of 24 Houlton Street, St. Pauls, Bristol, widow, died 26 February 1926 at 100 Fishponds Road, Bristol, proved at Bristol.  Granted to Eliza Street, widow.  Effects £119 7s 7d.  (Admon with will)

22 Sep 1928


of Hungerford Buildings, Corsham, Wiltshire, widow, died 5 February 1925, proved at the Principal Registry, London.  Granted to Ernest Frederick Stannard, gardener and Ellen Stuart Stannard, wife of the said Ernest Frederick Stannard.  Effects £16 7s 0d.  (Will)

23 Jun 1928

Rev William

of 21 Holden Road , Southborough, Kent, clerk, died 10 April 1928 at Tonbridge, proved at the Principal Registry, London.  Granted to Cuthbert Henly, gentleman.  Effects £241 4s 3d.  (Will)     

13 Mar 1929


of London Road, Calne, Wiltshire, died 11 December 1899, proved at the Principal Registry, London.  Granted to Administration London to Fanny Henly, widow and Walter Francis Henly of no occupation.  Effects £234 0s 0d.  (Admon)

27 Nov 1931

Rosa Mary

of 10 High Street, Keynsham, Somerset, spinster, died 5 November 1931, proved at the Principal Registry, London.  Granted to John William Henley,  retired bank clerk.  Effects £2352 5s 3d.  (Admon)  

26 Jan 1934


Of 18 Back Row, Calne widow died 12 December 1933. Probate at Ipswich to William Henry Park grocer. £332.

13 Apr 1934

Ernest Reginald

Of 57 Ipswich Street Swindon died 29 January 1927. Admon to Edith Amelia Henly widow. £256. [See later grant 13 March 1951]

28 jan 1935

Emily Mary

Of 2 Market Hill Calne widow died 20 December 1934. Probate to Alice Margery Ann Henly spinster. £127.

2 Nov 1935

Ellen Louise

Of 42 Balance Street Bath, wife of Ernest Albert henly, died 3 October 1935. Admon to said Ernest Albert Henly, dairy company roundsman. £133.

22 Nov 1936

Florence Austin

Of Harnhill, spinster died 15 Apr 1936.Admon at Winchester to Abraham Henly farmer.£474.

8 Aug 1936

Henry James

Of 32 Regent Circus Swindon died 14 June 1936. Admon to Ada Mary Henly widow. £571.

6 Apr 1936

Alice Hannah

Of Baynards Ashe, Wootton Bassett widow died 31 January 1936. Probate to Abraham Henly farmer. £1427.

8 Dec 1937


Of 7 Kew lane, Calne died 22 October 1937. Probate at Winchester to Walter Freegard Henly fishmonger and Frank Henry Atfield commercial clerk. £263.

21 Mar 1938


Of Swindon died 4 March 1938. Admon at London to Lilian Ellen Henly widow. £260.



of 10 Hirmandale Road, Plymouth, wife of John Henley, died 6 April 1938 at Prince of Wales Hospital, Greenbank, Plymouth.  Administration London 6 May 1938 to the said John Henley, retired carpenter.  Effects £449 15s 9d



of 163a Waldergrave Road, Brighton, widow, died 26 May 1938 at 29 Gower Road, Haywards Heath, Sussex.  Probate Lewes 4 November 1938 to Emma Henley, widow.  Effects £136 2s 10d.

24 Oct 1938

Rev Oliver Partridge

of St. Maryís Home, Worthing, clerk, died 9 July 1938.  Administration London 24 October 1938 to Cuthbert Henly, retired tea planter.  Effects £593 10s 1d.             

29 Nov 1940

Lancelot Millner

of 28 St. Marks Road, Henley-on-Thames, died 15 October 1940. Probate Oxford 29 November 1940 to Cuthbert Henly, retired tea planter.  Effects £3732 17s 9d.

28 Jun 1941


Of 12 Oxford Road, Calne widow died 7 Nov 1940. Admon to James Henly, bacon factory employee. £269.


Elizabeth Miles

of Bath Road, Marlborough, Wiltshire, wife of Thomas George Henley, died 16 December 1940 at Savernake Hospital, Savernake, near Marlborough.  Administration Winchester 29 October 1942 to the said Thomas George Henley, gardener.  Effects £240 12s 0d.

7 Jul 1942


of 3 Scarborough Road, Swindon, Wiltshire, died 13 May 1942.  Probate Winchester 4 July 1942 to Percy George Henley, coach builder and Florence Mary Henley spinster.  Effects £1327 10s 10d

14 Dec 1942


of Ruscombe, Southborough , Kent, died 21 August 1942 at Southborough Nursing Home, Park Road, Southborough.     Probate  Llandudno 14 December 1942 to Lloyds Bank Ltd.  Effects £29641 5s 3d.

23 Oct 1942

Robert Charles

of Corton Hill, Goatacre, Wiltshire, died 21 July 1942 at the Royal United Hospital, Bath.  Probate Winchester 23 October 1942 to Laura Eva Grace Henly widow.

11 Feb 1944

Robert William

Of Swindon died 21 Dec 1942. Admon to Ada Mary Henly widow. £535.


Edward Mills

of 69 Fore Street, Chudleigh, Devonshire, died 19 September 1943.  Probate Llandudno 3 November 1943 to Clara Frances Hilda May Martin Henley, spinster.  Effects £993 1s 3d.

31 May 1944

Albert George

Of Swindon died 3 Mar 1944. Admon to Florence Anna Henly widow. £710.

22 May 1945


Of Broadtown Farm, Wootton Bassett died 3 Mar 1945. Probate to George William Henly, solicitorís clerk. £5925.

25 Apr 1945

Sarah Ann

Of Broadtown Farm, Wootton Bassett spinster died 5 May 1945. Probate to George William Henly, solicitorís clerk. £353

21 Oct 1946

Edith Dinah Susannah

Of Baynardís Ashe, Wootton Bassett spinster died 29 Jun 1946. Probate to Mabel Lillian Austin Henly spinster. £1838

30 Oct 1946


Of Cheltenham died 15 Aug 1946. Admon to George Henry Henly husband, retired farmer. £194

30 Dec 1947

Harry Lancelot

Of Great Cheverell died 19 Oct 1947. Probate to Alice Janet Pender Henly widow, Eric Allen Henly, Sergeant His Majestyís Army. £1339.

16 Oct 1947

Robert Freeth

Of 220 Oxford Road, Calne died 22 Aug 1947. Admon 16 Oct 1947 to Doreen Mary Henly widow. £833.

27 Aug 1949


Of Wootton Bassett widow died 10 Feb 1949. Admon to John Charles Henly farmer. £860.

16 Jul 1949

Frederick John

Of Swindon died 31 may 1949. Probate to Comfort Jones spinster. £1035.

12 Apr 1950

George Henry

Of Cheltenham died 16 Jan 1950. Probate at Gloucester to Rupert Desmond Henly architect and George Bruce Henly photographer. £4752.

13 Mar 1951

Ernest Reginald

Of Swindon died 29 Jan 1927. Admon to George William Victor Knight checmist. £1000.Former grant 13 Apr 1934.

30 Jun 1951

Ernest Albert

Of Bath died 13 Mar 1951. Admon to Henry John Henly, retired railway employee. £2004.


Millicent Margaret

Of Kingston Hill, Surrey spinster died 8 Jan 1951/ Admon to William Bryan Henly retired company director and Frances Muriel Lewis spinster. £478.

9 Sep 1952

Marry Matthews

Of Wootton bassett died 27 Mar 1952. Probate at Gloucester to Morris Owen and Phyllis Hermione Wilmot Davis wife of Leslie Rawlings Davis.£8067.

8 Aug 1955

Florence Anna

Of Swindon, widow died 9 Jul 1955.Probate to Albert George Henly draughtsman. £1981.

12 Sep 1955

George William

Of 30 New Road, Calne died 11 July 1955. Probate to Alfred Milton Davis, retired grocer. £1611.

4 Jun 1956

Ivy Emily Mary

Of 56 St Mary Street, Chippenham died 30 April 1956.Probate at Winchester to Albert Edward Ernest Henly, tiler and plasterer, husband.£299.

1 Feb 1957

Percy George

Of Swindon died 9 Dec 1956. probate to Florence Mary Henly spinster and Charles Herbert Holloway storeman. £5143

21 Mar 1958

Edward William

Of 112 Sheldon Road, Chippenham died 17 Feb 1958. Probate at Winchester to Elsie Louisa Ellen Love, wife of Reginald Love. £477.

19 Mar 1958

Gerald Ernest

Of Winscombe, Somerset died 6 January 1958. Probate at Winchester to Dora Henly spinster and Thomas Raddon Hood solicitor. £11,221.

3 Apr 1958

Walter Freegard

Of 31 Shelburne Road, Calne died 18 January 1958. Probate at London to Roger Michael Stokes solicitor and Frank Henry Attfield, secretary. £2666.

6 Nov 1959

Raymond Henry

Of 8 Wood Lane, Chippenham died 11 September 1959. Admon to Megan Elizabeth Alice Henly widow. £652.

3 May 1960


Of Harnhll, died 4 December 1959. Probate at Gloucester to Robert George Henly farmer, Alice Louisa Cloke wife of Douglas Cloke, Henly John henly farmer and Beatrice Edith Hitch wife of Richard Hitch. £38,479.

19 Sep 1960

Albert Edward Ernest

Of 56 St Mary Street Chippenham died 21 July 1960. Probate at Winchester to Alfred Thomas Routledge solicitorís clerk and Wilfred Arthur Bull. £1859.

22 Jan 1960

Harry Kenneth

O Sands Farm, Calne died 18 March 1959. Probate at Winchester to Robert Trelease Henly, Harry Lionel James Henly, Michael Francis henly, Anthony George Henly farmers.£66,961.

28 Jan 1960

John Thomas Freegard

Of 102 Anchor Road Calne, died 2 October 1959. Probate at London to Roger Michael Stokes solicitor and Frank Henry Attfield secretary. £440.

9 Aug 1961

Thomas George

Of Marlborough died 8 July 1961. Probate at Winchester to Sidney Herbert Henly, Annie Elizabeth Pearce wife of Frank Pearce. £3050.

30 Nov 1961

Laura Eva Grace

Of Chippenham. Probate at Winchester to Robert Trelease Henly farmer. £1228.

23 Nov 1961


Of Bath widow died 19 September 1961. Probate at London to Frederick William Henry Self. £418.

14 Feb 1962

Florence Mary

Of Swindon spinster died 26 Dec 1961. Probate at London to Charles Herbert Holloway retired clerk. £7509.

5 Apr 1962

Annie Rosa

Of Laurel Farm, Hankerton died 13 January 1962. Probate at Gloucester to Courtney Henly husband, farmer. £615.

15 Jun 1962


Of Swindon died 24 April 1962. Probate at Winchester to Clara henly widow. £302.

17 May 1962

William Edward

Of 109 London Road Calne, died 13 March 1962. Probate at Winchester to Edward George Henly salesman, William Frank Henly and Kenneth Richard Henly coopers. £2817.

5 Dec 1963


Of Swindon widow died 10 November 1963. Probate at Gloucester to Violet Jennie Telling wife of Bertie Telling. £724.

7 Oct 1963


Of Swindon widow died 15 September 1963. Probate at Oxford to Henry James Henly. £983.

30 Apr 1963


Of 29 Shelburne Road Calne, widow died 5 March 1963. Admon at Winchester to Ernest James Henly and Arthur John Henly. £160.

30 Apr 1963

Mabel Lillian Austin

Of Cheltenham, Spinster died 5 March 1963. Probate at Gloucester to Lloyds Bank. £16,478.

2 Jan 1964

Amelia Charlotte

Of Swindon died 14 October 1963. Admon at Gloucester to Eileen Charlotte May Steer married woman. £2984.

11 May 1965

Reginald Thomas Maurice

Of Swindon died 28 Feb 1965. Probate at Oxford to Gwendoline Anne Henly widow. £5736.

22 Jan 1965

Frederick Charles or Charles Frederick

Of 80 Sheldon Road Chippenham died 2 December 1964. Probate at Winchester to Lionel Frederick Henly labourer. £202.

6 Jul 1966

Ada Mary

Of Swindon died 8 March 1966. Probate at Oxford to Margery Mary Elizabeth Skews married woman and Kathleen May Henly spinster.£13,017.

31 Mar 1966

Kate Peak

Of Pink Sands, Calne died 8 March 1966. probate at Winchester to Robert Trelease Henly and Harry Lionel James Henly. £5461.

28 Nov 1967

Charles Frederick

Of Chippenham died 23 Sep 1967. Admon + Will at Winchester to Charles Frank Henly.£2095.

26 Dec 1967

Frederick Martin

Of Swindon, died 26 December 1967. Admon a Oxford. £2509.

30 Apr 1968

Austin Victor Cobham or Victor Austin Cobham

Of Bristol died 30 April 1968. Probate at Bristol. £41,130.

15 May 1968

Mabel Louise

Of Warminster died 11 April 1968. Probate at Bristol.


Richard Melanthon Panting

of Tudorosia, Defford, Worcestershire.  Probate Birmingham 29 June 1971


Lionel Frederick

Of 80 Sheldon Road, Chippenham, Wiltshire, died 12 May  1972. Administration Bristol 22 June 1972.  £1131.






20 May 1864

John GAY

The will of John Gay late of Plymouth in the County of Devon, mason, deceased, who died 24 February 1864 at 28 Jubilee Street, Plymouth aforesaid, was proved at Exeter by oaths of Edward Lawson of Plymouth aforesaid, commercial traveller and James Henley Hicks of Plymouth aforesaid, surgeon, the executors.  Effects under £100

8 Jul 1871

Charles HARRIS

Of Calne, bacon curer died 30 May 1871. Probate at Salisbury to Robert Henly the younger, Thomas Greenwood farmer, John Haines bank manager. £40,000.

31 May 1873

Joseph LARGE

Of Bath, gentleman died 16 April 1873. probate to Edward Henly of Lyneham Court gentleman and John Stone of Bath solicitor. £15,000.

7 Nov 1882

Elizabeth GAY

The Will of Elizabeth Gay late of Culmstock in the County of  Devon, 1882 widow, who died 27 August 1882 at Culmstock, was proved at Exeter by Henry Henley of Lyme Regis in the County of Dorset, chemist, the sole executor

10 May 1895

Mary Henly TANNER

Of The Shute, St Lawrence, Ventnor, Isle of Wight, widow died 17 March 1895.Probate at London to Richard Canning Tanner esq and Mary Henly Tanner spinster.£3676