Henly/Henley Families Around the World

This section of the website is dedicated to the history of the Henly family, and other similar names. On the pages referenced by the links below you will find information about HENLY, HENLEY, HENDLEY and HENDLY ancestors submitted by various relatives and descendents around the world.

If you have any information which you think could be added to these pages, please contact Clive Henly.

Henly One-Name Study

I have recently registered this study of the HENLY name (and variations) with the Guild of One Name Studies. On the website I have stored UK Civil Registration records for the family 1837 - 2003.

DNA Matching project,

Are the various branches of the HENLY family connected? In all probability written evidence has not survived to prove one way or the other, which is where modern techniques may be able to help.

HENLEY as a place-name

The surname is thought to have derived from the place-name Henley. There are various places bearing this name around the British Isles - here are just a few.

Early Brinkworth Henlys

Some records from the 16th and 17th centuries about the Henlys of Brinkworth in Wiltshire.

Peter Henley alias Robertson

Rascal and Revolutionary War Hero? This is the story of a Wiltshire lad who fled England and ended up fighting for the Americans at the Battle of Bunker Hill.

Sarah Henley

She jumped from Clifton Suspension Bridge and survived.

Collected Records

Various records collected through the years relating to the Henly family, mainly in Wiltshire

Early Wills

Early wills of the HENLEY and associated families.

Brinkworth Records

A collection of Brinkworth Records

War Deaths

Extracts from the Commonwealth Wargraves Commission website for the Henly, Henley and Hendley families.




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Note: In general I shall not include information relating to living people. Furthermore responsibility for the information published on these pages rests entirely with the individual submitters. I will also only post contact information where the submitter has agreed - if you would like to contact someone whose contact details are not given, I will be happy to pass your message on to them.


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