Early Family Wills

This is a list of early wills for the HENLY (and associated) families. It is not exhaustive, and covers branches of the family as yet unconnected. If you are aware of any additions that could be made, please let me know.



Date Made

Probate Date


People Mentioned


West Shefford, Berkshire

13 Nov 1502



Jane, daughter; Wife Jane "with child"; Leonard, brother; Richard Patye; William Robinson, curate; Elizabeth Henley

Johane HENDLE, widow

Cranebrook, Kent

11 Aug 1504

04 Nov 1504


Gerves Hendle, grandson, son of John Hendle, age under 24; William Hendle, brother of Gerves, age under 24; Gerves Hendle, son; Alice Horden, Agnes Baker, Thomsyn Boice, daughters; Edward Horden; Elizabeth wife of Gerves Hendle, son

John HENDLEY, yeoman

Cranebrook, Kent

17 Apr 1531



Son and heir of Thomas Hendley deceased; Mother (unnamed); daughters (unnamed); Agnes, wife; Thomas Hendley, gentleman; Peter Courtop; Thomas Spencer; William Courtop; Thomas Bysshop; John Sherpy or Sharpye, sister's husband; Richard Bygg; Thomas Foster; Richard Bysshop; William Alcot; Richard Courtop, wife's brother; Stephen Bysshop, sister's husband; Johanne and Agnes, sisters; John Sheff; William Stick; William Hysson.


Cranbroke, Kent

15 Oct 1543

28 Oct 1545


Katherine, daughter, age under 17; Mary, daughter, age under 17; Walter Hendle, son; Alice Lawes; Richard Taylor the Elder; John Hendeley, son; William, Richard, Thomas and Henry Hendeley, sons, age under 21; Thomas Sheffe; William Goderige; John Henly; Richard More; Thomas More; Henry Colbrand; George Wayforne; Thomas King; Robert Steven; John Syting; Thomas Goddard; Thomas Burges; Thomas Waterman; William Sharpe.

John HENLEY the Elder

West Shefford, Berkshire

19 Nov 1554



Elizabeth Henley, daughter; Ann Henley, daughter; Placin Henley, daughter; Leonell Henley, son; Elenie Henley, wife; John Henley, son; Robert Hanell; William Robinson.

Thomas HYNLEY, parson

Hampstead Marshall, Berkshire

20 Oct 1558



John Naloar; Richard Walley and sister Cicily, cousins; Thomas Blaynches.

William HENLY, husbandman

Chieveley, Berkshire

18 Nov 1563

21 Feb 1564

ArchD. Berks

Richard, son; William, son; Alice, daughter; Giles Henly, son's son; Elinor Henly; Thomas Henly; Edith Welles; Jane Welles; Margaret, wife; Roger Wullaston, clark; John Powrke, John Parsons

John PINNELL, wheeler

Brinkworth, Wiltshire

25 Feb 1570

06 Apr 1570


Margaret and Jone, daughters, age under 21; Michael, Nicholas, George, John, Henry, sons; Agnes, wife; William Walker of Weeks, brother in law; John White, parson; William Bushell, parish clerk; William White.

John HENLEY, husbandman

Churcham, Gloucestershire

10 Mar 1571



William Henley, son; Margery, daughter; John Colvence?, wife's son; Thomas Wyntell of Cockleys; Johane Greene, daughter in law; Anne, wife;

William BARNES

Childrey, Berkshire

14 Feb 1578



John Barnes, son; Alice Barnes, daughter; Joane barnes, daughter; Elizabeth, wife; Alexander Barnes, son; John Feryman; Robert Watts; Philipp Hatherley; Nicholas Cox; Thomas Aldworth


Fawlor, Sparsholt, Berkshire

18 Oct 1590



Jasper Boulton, son; Thomas Boulton, son; Elizabeth, wife; Nicholas Koake; Brian Raynolds.

Agnes HENDLE, widow

Churcham, Gloucestershire

17 Oct 1598

 09 Nov 1598


Elizabeth Smarte; Anne Reever; William Barnell; William Pyrry; Robert Carlion alias Provis; Racell Venn; Elizabeth Provis daughter of Robert Provis; John Pyrry cousin; Catherine Tyller, goddaughter; Richard Tyller the Elder; Anthony Byshopp; Thomas Branch; Thomas Watts

William HENLY, husbandman

Chieveley, Berkshire

03 May 1600



Robert Henly, son; Ellen, Elizabeth & Alice, daughters; Thomas Henly, son; Tichard Hivcas; Richard Goodanter.

Addam FINEMORE, blacksmith

Kingston Lisle, Sparsholt, Berkshire

06 Jan 1604

 22 Feb 1604


William Barr; Joane Evans als Johnson; Arthur Johnson; Old Goodwife Linsey; Old Goodman Price; William Price; Alexander, son, age under 20; Jane, daughter, age under 18; Elizabeth, daughter, age under 18; Alice, daughter, age under 18; Elizabeth Sherman, goddaughter; Alice, wife; John Townsende; William Goddard; Alexander Barnes;

Moris HENLY, shoemaker

Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire

20 May 1605



Alice Abraham, daughter of his daughter Mary, age under 18; Anne, wife; Edmund Steward, son of Thomas; Nicholas Boulton, son of Nicholas, wife's brother; Robert Elbonong; William Henly, Geoferie Henly, brothers; Henry Hersall; Jefferie Henly; Gabriel Hicks.0

John SKULL the Elder, yeoman

Brinkworth, Wiltshire

01 Jul 1610



Gyles Skull, son; Alice, wife; William Hendly; Thomas Lewen; William Lewen senior; William Scull;

Thomas BOULTON, yeoman

Fawlor, Berkshire

10 Apr 1616



Robert Boulton, son; Thomas Boulton, son; Jasper Boulton, son; Brian Boulton, son; John Boulton, son; Catherine, wife of William Styles, daughter; Margery Boulton, daughter; Jane, daughter; Elizabeth, wife; Thomas Boothe the younger; Barick Weste; William Repington.

John HENLY, blacksmith

Titcombe, Wiltshire

28 Apr 1626



Susan, daughter, age under 18; Dorothy, daughter, age under 18;Lyonell, youngest son, age under 21; Roger, son, age under 21; John, eldest son; Elizabeth, wife; Edward Hall; John Vince; Thomas Platt.

Christopher HENLY, weaver

Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire

16 Jun 1633



William Strange, son in law; Richard Strainge, son in law; Joane Phillips, daughter in law; Elinor Henlye; John Mare; Kattren, wife; Thomas Floyde; Jeffrie Henly.

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